Take part in workshops led by professors, engineers, and students to gain applied exposure to machine learning.

Talks and seminars.

Be invited to talks and seminars led by prominent members of the ML community, including Duke's Datathon and Machine Learning Day.


Connect with exciting projects, research, and job opportunities related to machine learning and data science on- and off-campus.

This is us. Meet the team.

Rohith Kuditipudi

Co-president. Mathematics and computer science '19. Interested in deep learning and robotics.

Shrey Gupta

Co-president. Computer science, statistical science, and mathematics '20. Interested in ML and computer vision.

Zhaoliang Ma

Vice president. Computer science and neuroscience '19. Interested in social computing and collaboration.

Shamikh Hossain

Finance director. Computer science and economics '20. Interested in computer vision and geospatial data.

Serge Assaad

Alumni. BME and ECE '18 with a minor in mathematics. Attending graduate school at Harvard.

Mary Ziemba

Alumni. Computer science '18. Interested in ML and differential privacy. Headed to Apple.

Dr. Rebecca Steorts

Faculty advisor. Assistant professor of statistical science at Duke University. MIT 35 under 35.